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WGA Logistics

Because WGA Logistics has been handling the Porsche Automotive account for some time now in Qatar, and because WGA Logistics has been moving spare parts for Aston Martin and Toyota in Qatar, WGA Logistics knows too well that the automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovative logistics solutions. In fact, no other industry than automotive has made such consistent efforts to reduce costs and outsource non-core activities such as production, assembly and logistics services.

In after-sales services / spare parts services, WGA Logistics operates complex distribution networks and warehouses using fully automated warehouse equipment and providing value added services to ensure that dealers receive the support necessary to keep customers satisfied.

WGA Logistics believes that the growing complexity of the industry presents another exciting challenge; despite mass production, the products are becoming ever more individual; a form of micro segmentation due to an explosive development of electronics and its steadily growing importance in the industry. In addition, the wide geographical spread of the automotive production networks in comparison with other industries brings new demands. Whereas in other industries only sourcing takes place on a global scale, in the automotive industry production and maintenance are also spread all over the world. The function of logistics in this industry is to create a geographical balance across the globe.

WGA Logistics is ideally equipped to ensure the global supply of spares. In the highly complex spare parts business, WGA Logistics handles two types of activity: stock spares and breakdown spares. In the stock business, dealers are kept supplied with regular weekly deliveries; parts can be ordered up to three days before delivery. The breakdown business provides spare parts at short notice, averaging 30 kg per delivery. Here the growth rates are enormous: 50% of all deliveries to customers are currently made in this way, and the growth curve points steeply upwards.