Western Gulf Agency
WGA Logistics

When transporting perishables like fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, particular care is required for their handling. WGA Logistics is working with the most recognized and trustable suppliers to bring to Qatar the perishables as fresh as they were when they left the suppliers. WGA Logistics has established very solid and strategic relations with Fresh Express, one of the leading distributors in the luxury food business within the Gulf Region. Through Fresh Express, WGA Logistics makes sure to bring to Qatar top brands and premium quality products in the food and beverage industry. Thanks to its presence in 7 countries and thanks to a portfolio of more than 2000 items coming from almost 60 destinations around the world, Fresh Express and WGA Logistics are proud to supply Qatarbased top hotels, fining dining restaurants, multinational retailers, well-known airlines and royal palaces.

Whatever the source country of a product is and whatever consumer market it must be transported to, WGA Logistics offers temperature-controlled logistics and door-todoor services. The services are based upon a specialized network of cargo experts and operational units which was built up during the last 20 years in Qatar, and fromall countries in the principal export and import regions, including in challenging markets such as Central and South America, Egypt, South Africa or China.

Qatar being a big import market of perishables, WGA Logistics had to articulate very early since its creation a logistics offer that would allow the Doha-based five star hospitality professionals to be able to serve to their clientele a large array of fresh food products. Crucial requirements for this service are a guaranteed availability of space and reefer equipment with airlines and carriers during peak seasons from overseas as well as fastest possible transit times at the beginning of a season, in particular for perishables such as mangoes, papayas, and pineapples. Although sea - freight capacity guarantees can no longer be taken for granted, WGA Logistics customers hold good cards in this respect. On the one hand there has been a continuous trend towards more containerization also in perishables logistics; on the other hand a serious shortage of reefer containers has developed since the beginning of 2010. Despite this challenging market environment. WGA Logistics always succeeded in servicing its customers thanks to its selection of first-class maritime carriers and forward-looking capacity management.

WGA Logistics range of services in the transport of refrigerated cargo is another important quality criterion. In perishables logistics the company offers integrated services from a single source beyond traditional transportation of goods from port to port or between two airports. Depending on requirements, door-to-door delivery includes the pre-cooling and refrigerated intermediate storage of the goods, and, of course, their temperature-controlled collection and delivery by truck. Needless to say, WGA Logistics also offers its customers the advantages of the latest technology in the field of perishables logistics. This includes CA (controlled atmosphere), MTS (multitemperature) or AFAM systems reefer containers that monitor and control the composition of the air in their interior and their associated electrical generator sets.