Western Gulf Agency
WGA Logistics

The WGA Logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical needs of the Doha-based US Army camps, the Hamad Medical Corporation, the Aamal Medical or the Ebn Sina Institutions include innovative and integrated approaches, providing a combination of warehousing and state of the art security solutions. A 100% service quality is crucial as every mistake in logistics processes can lead to life-threatening situations if patients do not get their needed medication in time.

The WGA Logistics team has built facilities in its 2000 sqm warehouse, dedicated to warehouse operations with racking and shelves as well as a customized warehouse management system. WGA Logistics also created a system that covers all related warehousing and delivery processes to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. From a security perspective, WGA Logistics is offering its customer an innovative approved system with 24/7/365 operations, remote alarm monitoring, electric access control to the pharmacy area as well as continuous video coverage. WGA Logistics further customizes the security system by modifying the racking system by creating lockable cages. From a warehouse management point of view, WGA Logistics solution is relying on a pallet ID tracking system with scanners that allow efficient management of products and storage space. The WGA Logistics team of professionals customized the warehouse management system to generate daily reports of receipts, shipments and inventory levels. Competitive dynamics in the pharmaceutical and health care industry have changed over the past several years. WGA Logistics could take into account and integrate these changes through their close relationships with its Qatar-based customers in need of regular imports of pharmaceutical products. Rising health care spending has also forced payers and regulators to demand changes in the pricing of health care services.

WGA Logistics has been importing, clearing and delivering regularly human organs and blood for the Doha-based Al Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs. All the necessary temperature and conditioning requirements were met due to a monitored temperature throughout the entire Supply Chain.

WGA Logistics has been also importing, clearing and delivering syringes filled with sensitive medical fluids, tablets and other kind of pharmaceutical goods for the Doha-based US Army camps of Saliyah and Al Udeid.

WGA Logistics understanding of the pharmaceutical and health care industries needs, its challenges, and product life cycle demands allows WGA to adapt and react to external factors. Specialized know-how results in efficient and optimized processes through the whole supply chain leading WGA Logistics to be productive and effective in responding to some of the challenges that its customers face.